Elite Biotechnology

iQBiotech invents and in-licenses nature-based regenerative inputs and crop protection solutions, and will increasingly offer farmers a systemic answer to the predominant industrial system, which relies on synthetic products.

Innovative Ag Tech Company

iQBiotech’s mission is to positively impact human health and farmer income by being an innovative force in the R&D, production, and commercialization of biostimulants and biological inputs.

Impact Farming

In the most impoverished rural areas, the real challenge is to improve the rate of adoption of modern technologies. The Impact Farming model takes an integrated approach, emphasizing technical assitance while breaching cultural, logistical, and financial barriers for regenerative practices.

Driven by success

iQBiotech was established in 2016 as a technology platform that generates biology-based regenerative agriculture solutions. Sustainable regenerative inputs are the solution for today’s environmental and economic challenges. iQB is committed to lead the path. Everything we do in the field with our products will improve society – if we can take care of natural ecosystems and protect biodiversity, the benefits are incalculable for humanity.

Our Products

iQB’s regenerative technologies and products will cover a range of applications, including organically certified biostimulants, inputs for increasing the nutrition contact of food crops, effective microorganisms, and carbon sequestration solutions.

Bio-Control Solutions

Biological control products are used in agriculture and forestry, including organic systems, as one of the control strategies. Farmers and foresters must use a whole set of tactics to keep their crops healthy. Biological control is one of these tactics.


Simple but ambitious: Securing the crops of the future. We want to be pioneers in new methods and products taking advantage of the latest technology platforms and collaborations for a more sustainable and higher quality food production.


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