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We offer analytical diagnostic based on the most advanced DNA technologies. 


Our diagnoses are fast, cost efficient and reliable.

-Food Safety







  •  Detection and identification of transgenic material

  • Detection and identification of animal or vegetable material in food

  • Varietal identification and studies of hybrid purity

  • Traceability and food safety

  • Diagnosis of agricultural crop pathogens using classical microbiology and molecular biology 



We offer consulting services for plant breeding, seed multiplication, and development of new hybrid varieties for horticultural crops.

plant breeding consulting

IWithin the field of plant breeding we provide consulting and technical advice on improvement of processes and horticultural production. We develop customized programs for breeding R+D base projects (new resistance, improved organoleptic or physiological characteristics of the product, etc...).

development of new varieties

We develop horticultural hybrids with the highest level of quality, according to the requirements of the professional market and customer demand: 40 varieties of tomatoe, 30 of pepper, 20 of cucumber and 12 of eggplant. These horticultural varieties are transferred by the sale of marketing rights through royalties.

multiplication of hybrid seeds

We provide professional services for multiplication and extraction of seeds, either manually or mechanically, by selecting them under the supervision of our technicians and experts, ensuring high yields and high product quality. We have a great potential in production areas and have expanded the supply of seed multiplication of horticultural crops, flowers and aromatic plants.