Natural Rooting

iQRoot® acts in the line of the new agriculture and it is indicated as fertilizer and rooting enhancer naturally for vegetable crops, fruit crops, nut crops, flowers, and ornamentals. Favors the rooting of all those times where this process is of special importance as transplantation, regeneration of damaged root system, flowering, the start of ripening, development of the fruit, etc


iQRoot® Advantages:

-Stimulates root growth.

-Promotes the colonization of substrates (soil and cultivation substrates).

-Allows optimal absorption of mineral water, preserving soil and groundwater

Contains carbohydrates bio-assimilable by the root system that contributes 30% of extra energy.

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iQRoot is a natural, biodegradable whose materials are amino acids, organic nitrogen, phosphorus, organic matter and carbohydrates from a fermentation of sugar beet.

NO residues. NO hormones. NO security date.