iQTrichoActive is a preventative action soil inoculant . It is a biological control agent against fungal pathogens. Trichoderma asperellum  2% w/w (2,5x109 ufc/g) grows in the roots of the plants, strengthening them and accelerating their growth process, increasing the defense system of the plant and control of phytopathogenic soil microorganisms.



Advantages against pathogens:

- Colonization of ecological niches (competition).

- Micoparasitism.

- Elimination of pathogenicity factors

Positive effects on plants:

- Induced resistance

- Effects on plant growth

Effects on the rhizosphere:

- Solubilization of nutrients in the soil

- Mineralization of organic matter

- Elimination or inactivation of toxic compounds from the root zone.

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iQThricoActive is a biological alternative, clean, without residues, non-cumulative in the food chain and respectful of the environment, as opposed to chemical pesticides commonly used in agriculture