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Consulting Service

iQBiotech will have a tailor-made focus on advising you about the best use of our products based on your field needs to secure your crops.


Bio-Control Service

iQBiotech is an innovation Company and as such we want to present our next product called iQTrichoActive that is a preventive action biofungicide for soil diseases.

Consulting Service

iQBiotech offers farmers a systemic answer to the predominant industrial/chemical system. Our goal is to help catalyze a global regenerative farming movement and for that, we want to share our success stories.

Consulting Success Story

The trial was carried out in “Nueva Esperanza”, which belongs to a farmer called Ramiro Cuellar. On November 25th, 2017 at the property “La Fortuna”, direct seeding of the soybean crop (Variety Nidera 8015) was performed, with a spacing of 52 cm, and a density of 350000 plants / ha. The land had previously been a corn plantation. The objective of this trial was to study the effect of foliar fertilization using IQForte on the product yield of the soybean crop. A plot of 20 ha was -used for the trial.



Two applications in vegetative periods and two in reproductive periods showed increments in performance compared with the control sample.


Average growth increase of 48 cm compared to the control sample that shows 47 cm average growth for each application.


It is observed that the treatment with the iQForte product delivers a higher number of grains and pods per plant.

Bio-Control Service

iQTrichoActive will be a healthier, cleaner, biological alternative that does not accumulate in the food chain and is also respectful to the environment, as opposed to polluting chemical pesticides commonly used in agriculture. iQTrichoActive will not require special equipment for its application. Soon for sale.

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